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A freely available source ...

In my time as a piano student (more than 40 years ago) I was craving for a library of musical sheets which never came. Later on came the internet and with it the first internet presences, and most of them offer a lot of free scores. Unfortunately you don't always find what you are looking for, and often the quality of the musical sheets is very poor.

One day I discovered Lilypond, a really good computer program for musical notation, it is free and part of the GNU-Project. Than I began to write scores myself. The sheets produced by Lilypond satisfy the requirements of traditional musical notation, and so they are of best readability. The learning curve was a little strong, and the particularities of quite a few compositions forced me to find out how to reach the final look. But it was worth the effort, when looking at the result.

Over the time I wrote so many scores that surely many piano students will make a find in my library. The variety of compositions is totally subjective and it grows by and by.

... for freely available musical sheets

All musical sheets and teaching material available on this website have been made by myself. As far as I know they consist only of license-free music and my own arrangements, and all of them may be used freely by everyone for private purpose. Teachers and educational establishments are encouraged to contact me to obtain my written authorization for use of my data for educational purpose.

... for libertarian musicians

In fact each musician is also at least an artist. Each artist lives on the freedom of thoughts and on the works arisen or arising from those. Any restriction of mind conflicts with any artistical approach. Inaccessibility to art or works of art is such a restriction. That's why every work of art has to be freely available for everyone at any time, just like the access to art.

... from libertarian musicians

At every time art often was unprofitable. But at any time there have been and there are patrons of the arts. Unfortunately they didn't always patronize those artists that were extraordinary in the full sense of the word, because these are mostly difficult to gauge or hardly controllable, and they don't want to have any kind of freedom restricted.

A place to go ...

One important goal of this website is to offer a limited number of piano works to any interested party. There will not be any restriction in variety.

... for everyone searching for scores

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments. Accordingly a great number of piano players are searching for piano scores. Lots of compositions for piano are license-free, however most of piano scores are not. But of course not every piano student is able to afford the relatively high price of a score, and therefore I want to provide a remedy.

... for everyone offering scores

In a quiet and lonesome place a little piece of music or - why not - a masterwork comes into the world. The composer wants to publish his work as a fine musical sheet. Such a composer is welcome to publish his score on this site as well.
A long time ago the sheet looked good, but as time went on it remains tattered, there are missing parts, but the purchase of a new one runs into difficulties.
This project wants to help deliver you out of such situations.

Why all this?

It's just for fun!
First of all, I hope you are happy to find just what you are looking for. And if you don't find it, don't hesitate to ask me to produce the score you may desire, to provide it for you and for everyone.