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In addition to and overriding the following explanations and statements
applies this disclaimer.

Responsible person in charge: see Legal Details

In accordance with § 28 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German law) I contradict
every commercial use and circulation of all my data.

Coypright and property right

The contents of my website including texts, graphics and audio and video files,
if not otherwise and specifically declared, is my personal property and must not
be copied, modified, broadcasted, newly provided, recycled or utilized in any way
for public or commercial purpose. The violation of my copyright or any property
right may have legal consequences, by civil or criminal law.

I explicitly allow the private use of all data published on this website. Teachers and
educational establishments are encouraged to contact me to obtain my written
authorization for use of my data for educational purpose.

Legal note - Disclaimer

All information on this website have been verified carefully. I will make an effort
to continuously enlarge and upgrade this offer, but I cannot provide any warranty
for completeness, correctitude or currentness of contents. This also is applicable to
every webpage that is hyperlinked. I distance myself explicitly from all contents
of links or hyperlinked pages, and I do not necessarly aggree with its contents.
A link to a page is not the expression of my recommendation on this website or the
products offerd there. I have no influence on the fact, that on other webpages you
can find hyperlinks to my website. The existence of those links does not give
evidence of cooperative work with this business or a recommendation on its products.

The contents and the composition of my website are copyright reserved. The use of
any information of one of the pages for private purpose is allowed. The reproduction
of any information or data, in particular the commercial use of scores, texts, audio
or video material or parts of it, is subject to permission of mine.

Any claim for refund caused by use of my internet presence is excluded if not
induced directly by me in an intentionally and grossly negligent way. I put forth
an effort to create my website without violating any right of somebody else. If
nevertheless this ever should have happened, on no account it happened
intentionally. In such a case I want you to contact me without delay, and I will
take care of immediate remedy.

Additionally all rights remain reserved for future change or completion of the
information provided here.